Our history

Almost 15 years ago, I was told about alkaline water by an acquaintance of mine coming from the United States who brought me some AlkaLife® vials I could draw alkaline water from.
AlkaLife® is the father and inspirer of the AlkaWater® concentrate which has been available in drugstores for about 10 years.

It was not easy for me, who used to drink and suggest that everyone drank low-fixed-residual acid water, to accept the idea that alkaline water (usually with a medium-high fixed residue) was the most suitable drinking water.

It was in 2004 when I had a pain in the internal meniscus of my left knee that lasted 6 months long without calming down, despite several natural treatments I had been following.

The acquaintance of mine who had brought the AlkaLife® product suggested that every day I had to drink 1.5 liter of alkaline water obtained with AlkaLife® drops.
I started drinking according to the indications and, only 15 days later, my left knee recovered and the pain totally disappeared.

My research about the topic of alkaline water started just from that episode.

In 2006, I edited the book “Invertire l’Invecchiamento” (“Reverse Aging”) by Sang Whang (the inventor of AlkaLife®) where the benefits of both alkaline water and bicarbonates are described with enthusiasm and simplicity.

The book was an unexpected success both among the uninitiated and the most sensitive health professionals (including doctors).

In 2007 I started selling the first water ionizers in Italy, together with AlkaLife. Soon the ionizer market took over because lots of drinking water treatment companies saw the water electrolysis technology as a bargain.

After 4 years from the publication of “Invertire l’Invecchiamento” I edited the publication of the book “Il Miracolo del pH Alcalino” (“The Miracle of Alkaline pH”) by Robert Young, as well.
In addition to strengthening the interest of people in alkaline water, this book has enhanced the role of chlorophyll and, therefore, of live green juices, in the prevention but above all in the treatment of degenerative diseases.

In fact, “Il Miracolo del pH Alcalino” was the promoter of the spread of juice extractors in Italy. These two books soon became best sellers, unique in the sector in Italy for a few years.

The success of the book “Il Miracolo del pH Alcalino” soon matched harsh criticism against the author and his theory (The New Biology). But the interest of the public, sellers and lots of doctors for alkaline water has been unstoppable, despite fierce criticism from stakeholders interested in defending their interests.

In 2012 I wrote and published my first book about the topic, “Alcalinizzatevi e Ionizzatevi” (“Alkalize and Ionize yourselves”), which has also become a best seller and was in its 4th edition in 2018.
So far it is the guide book for all those who want to learn more about alkaline, ionized and hydrogenated water.

I have to admit that part of the credit for the success of these books goes to the sellers of alkaline water ionizers who have used them in order to promote their business.

In 2015 I wrote and published (together with my son Giuseppe, chef) “La Dieta Mediterranea Alcalina” (“The Mediterranean Alkaline Diet”): a book about alkaline recipes with our Mediterranean diet could not be lacking!

In 2016 I published two other books about the alkaline theme: “Guida all’utilizzo dell’acqua alcalina e/o ionizzata” (“Guide to the use of alkaline and/or ionized water”), a synthetic paperback about the use of alkaline water with 57 testimonials and “L’Approccio Antiacido per la prevenzione e la cura delle malattie” (“The Antacid Approach for the prevention and cure of diseases “) written in collaboration with Stefano Fais (Director of Research, Oncology and Molecular Medicine Department, National Health Institute). This book has also matched harsh criticism, especially against Dr. Stefano Fais, but the users of the antacid (alkaline) approach increase steadily in spite of the most bitter and stupid criticism.

Vivere Alcalino, owner of the use of the CS Sapio editorial brand (Centro Studi Sapere Autonomo e Pubblicazioni di Interesse Olistico) (Center for Studies on Autonomous Knowledge and Publications of Holistic Interest), aims to spread alkaline thought through books, articles and scientific research. In addition, under my own guidance (pioneer and leader in the research and dissemination of alkaline water in Italy) it manufactures and sells supplements and equipment in order to facilitate the achievement of the acid-base balance of our own body, an essential chemical condition to enjoy excellent health.